• Development of technological solutions bases on the blockchain basics using existing and new platforms.

  • Bitcoin Mining & Support

  • Represent of Bitcoin Kiosk/ATM patent service

  • Bitcoin ATM Kisok

  • Algorithmic Futures Trading: BidGood

  • GhostDrive – A Decentralized Cloud Network for Data Security & Collaborative Engine

  • Bots Cybersecurity

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The global value and growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as alternatives to fiat currency is expanding exponentially across the globe. Soon there will be a complete transition to digital money (cryptocurrency) and traditional financial institutions both in the United States and elsewhere will be modified, altered and transformed. It is hard to predict the future of cryptocurrency other than to say it is here to stay. The reality is that BOTS, Inc. is at the forefront of the effort to help speed mass adoption, turn cryptocurrency into real money and build a bridge for ordinary consumers to help them cross over from traditional fiat currency to digital currency.

BOTS, Inc. is an international information technology company focusing on Fintech, Blockchain and cryptocurrency. BOTS, Inc. creates golden opportunities for businesses to capitalize on new, unexplored markets using cryptocurrency and technology solutions on Blockchain platforms.

The following is an example of just some of the services the company offers:

  • Builds and programs turnkey Bitcoin mining operations from start to finish.

  • Repairs existing systems and optimizes operations for mining insurance and back up purposes.

  • Provides franchising opportunities for Bitcoin ATM kiosks for payment applications in various settings.

Founded in 2010 and formerly known as mCig, Inc, – the company rebranded to the current name, BOTS, Inc. with international headquarters in San Juan, PR. The BOTS, Inc. management team is led by the internationally renowned computer scientist Oleksandr Gordieiev PhD.

BOTS, Inc. harnesses existing and new Blockchain platforms to develop and roll out new tech solutions. The company offers technical development services and creates new opportunities using Blockchain technologies.

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