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Development of technological solutions based on the blockchain basics using existing and new platforms

Technical development services and the implementation of blockchain technologies. Development of applications and different kind of solutions on the BOTS platform, as well as product analyzing services – selecting the most suitable platform for the project implementation, and developing solutions on other blockchain platforms (for example, issuing a token on the Ethereum platform and developing smart contracts of any complexity), and, if necessary, integration with the BOTS platform.

Bitcoin mining & support

BOTS, Inc. provides a wide range of repair and backup solutions for Bitcoin miners. Our hardware, software, networking and computer engineering experience reduces the chance of failure. Contact us first if you want to avoid problems and downtime of your Crypto mining equipment.

BOTS, Inc. does more than build mining operations. In the event of a failure, we can get your on-site computers back up and running, as well as pick up and transport new crypto mining hardware to your Service Center. So, interruption to your mining operations is significantly minimized.

Use our case analysis experience and pre-operational diagnostic review expertise to streamline your operations before they begin. In this case, you can avoid costly repairs later. In the event of a node malfunction or other failure, we will quickly diagnose the issue, identify the problem and propose a solution that makes sense.

Represent of bitcoin kiosk/ATM patent service

ATM Device and System Integrating Enrollment Protocol and Method of Using the Same. This patent, known as the Bitcoin ATM Patent, deals with buying and selling cryptocurrency, utilizing a Bitcoin ATM or kiosk. It allows customers to purchase a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using cash, debit or credit cards.

Bitcoin ATMs do not require their users to have bank accounts, so customers can simply pay and instantly buy or sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The direction is developing together with our partner «FIRST BITCOIN CAPITAL CORP».

Bitcoin ATM kiosk

BOTS, Inc. holds a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office patent for a proprietary BitCoin ATM Kiosk Device which allows anyone to easily purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by using cash, debit or credit cards. This technology, known as the `Bitcoin ATM’, does not require the user to have a bank account. Customers can simply use cash to buy or sell Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

The company offers investors franchise opportunities to own and operate the Bitcoin ATM. It seeks qualified investors to establish a national distribution network and place the Bitcoin ATM in retail locations throughout the US.

Currently, the rate of adoption of digital currency by ordinary consumers to purchase goods and services, sell, trade and use crypto currency as money is slow but getting faster every day. The Bitcoin ATM will help speed that transition.

The gap is closing, and soon the ability to manipulate fiat currency by the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, large brokerage houses, Hedge Funds and the Central Bank will be gone. It will be replaced by an un-manipulatable decentralized network that secures, validates and conducts untouchable transactions through platforms like Ethereum.

It bodes well for BOTS, Inc., which is dedicated to smoothing the ease of use of digital currency for ordinary consumers by rolling out products like the Bitcoin ATM.

The Bitcoin ATM brings cryptocurrency to the masses. The device can be used to exchange cryptocurrencies, issue crypto debit cards, billing, advertising, event ticket sales, international cryptocurrency transfers, gift card sales, microloans and more.
BOTS, Inc. has partnered with MultiATM to bring this exciting product to the American consumer.

For more information about the Bitcoin ATM, please visit the link below:

Algorithmic futures trading (BidGood)

Bidgood is a cloud-based high-speed Algorithmic Binance Futures trading platform. With BidGood, Digital Asset Futures Traders can enjoy a high-tech front-row seat on the Binance Futures exchange. Automatically place market orders, stop limit orders, stop market orders, take profit limit orders, take profit market orders, and direct a trailing stop order. Do it all at high speed in milli-second computations to leverage market fluctuations for maximum profit. Traders can hedge, buy, bid, sell, manage risk and potentially derive income through digital asset futures trading.

*US residents are currently banned from using Binance. (Investing in digital asset futures holds a certain amount of risk. We are not digital asset futures trading consultants. Please consult a licensed financial professional before investing).

GhostDrive – A decentralized cloud network for data security and collaborative engine

Data Security Platform

GhostDrive is BOTS, Inc’s, state-of-the-art digital vault that keeps all your personal and business information secure, private and locked.

The transformative technology behind Ghostdrive includes multi-layered protocols so complex that potential bad actors will give up trying to access your data because they will find it inaccessible and unreadable.

  • Encryption: GhostDrive incorporates Symmetric and Asymmetric key encryption using AES, RSA and OpenPGP.

  • Sharding Technology – GhostDrive shards a file into multiple fragments and stores those fragments in different, multiple cloud locations.

  • Biometric Security – GhostDrive employs facial recognition, voice authentication and additional proprietary access permission layers to protect your data.

Collaborative Engine
GhostDrive is also a component-rich, collaborative work-share platform for Workteams that allows individual digital workspaces to integrate into a company-wide real-time project. This multi-layered data access internal company network helps employees reach their goals established by management. The platform allows management to control every level of visibility and compartmentalize tasks for maximum efficiency and productivity.

The GhostDrive Secure Collaborate Engine has several features

*Automatically protects documents with auto-sense technology that seeks out sensitive information and encrypts it as classified. Advanced Machine Learning Technology reads, validates, secures and notifies the owner of the document if there is a breach.

*Two-Step Verification protocol for password and mobile phone app provides multi-layered protection and gives users and administrators extra protection from potential infiltration.

*Granular Access Control and Security Notification – File administrators have exacting control of every attribute and function of this feature-rich secure collaborative engine to fine tune any project in real time and get instant notifications of all authorized and unauthorized file access attempts.

BOTS Cybersecurity

BOTS, Inc. offers a full package of Cybersecurity services, consulting and solutions to meet today’s enormous security challenges. The components include;

  • Top to Bottom Strategic assessment, looking at critical infrastructure, system architecture and data storage.

  • Advanced analytics to diagnose and build the strongest firewalls and ensure all intrusion prevention protocols are in place.

  • Recommend current solutions to the latest antivirus threats and identify key vulnerability points in process, operations, equipment, software and personnel.

  • On-going support, updates and maintenance on your security apparatus both in scheduled intervals and in real-time.

Detailed Penetration Testing
We conduct security audits and threat modeling for any complex system including cryptographic algorithms and smart contracts on a Blockchain platform. International standards and protocols govern our penetration tests according to OWASP, OSSTMM, NIST and PTES methodologies.

We employ the best-in-class penetration testing regimes using years of experience, tools and methods to anticipate and frustrate cybercrime, ransomware attempts, data thieves and other potential security-related problems.

BOTS, Inc. provides a detailed report based on the results of penetration testing analysis. The report provides;

  • Identified vulnerabilities
  • Recommendations for elimination
  • Examples of potential attacks.
  • Descriptions of potential penetration scenarios

Based on the results of our analysis, BOTS Cybersecurity may also recommend several additional penetration testing protocols including;

  • Application Penetration Testing
  • External Network Penetration Testing
  • Internal Network Penetration Testing
  • Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Another layer of protection is provided by our Web Application Firewall (WAF). The WAF secures data and software running in applications, your API’s and your websites and online services offerings.

A unique Defense-In-Depth system helps protect your vital data and can be used in a wide array of different delivery and deployment options.

Whether a fully integrated complex specialized infrastructure networked computer system, or a stand alone application in a single desktop, the WAF is able to protect both public and private computer management systems from security threats from multiple sources simultaneously.

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