Cybersecurity Group’s SFOR.TRADE to Launch Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange in BOTS’ Upcoming Las Vegas-Themed Metaverse

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — BOTS, Inc. (OTC: BTZI) (“BOTS” or “The Company”), a global technology conglomerate specialized in Blockchain-based solutions including decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, cybersecurity, crypto generation, mining equipment repair, extended warranty contracts, and its upcoming proprietary Vegas.MV Metaverse, announces today that SFOR.TRADE cryptocurrency exchange has reserved digital land in its upcoming Las Vegas-themed Metaverse to launch its virtual trading floor on website, property of Metaverse Inc, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BTZI.

Cybersecurity Group (CSG), an ISO 27001-certified Information Security Management company, created SFOR.TRADE cryptocurrency trading exchange with a focus on cybersecurity. SFOR.TRADE plans on launching a virtual trading floor on BOTS’ upcoming Metaverse to promote its cybersecurity-focused crypto exchange, host trading competitions, educational events on crypto trading, and spread awareness of its offerings amongst the crypto community. SFOR will also enable the trading of popular Metaverse Cryptocurrencies.

A recent article, published by Benzinga: BEST METAVERSE CRYPTOCURRENCIES, describes Metaverse and Metaverse cryptocurrencies: The announcement by Meta Platforms Inc. that it’s changing Facebook’s name to Meta and building a version of a Metaverse catapulted many Metaverse cryptocurrencies to new all-time highs. Some people, especially those interested in gaming and crypto, are excited that virtual worlds are getting more complex and enticing. Others are scared that this trend may lead to a dystopian world where no one leaves the virtual space to live their real lives. What Is the Metaverse? The term Metaverse was coined in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction book “Snow Crash.” However, Stephenson didn’t come up with the concept of virtual reality (VR). Earlier monoliths of sci-fi writing did. Aldous Huxley included a primitive version of VR in his novel, “Brave New World,” published in 1932. He described an addictive new technology that would overwhelm the senses with a virtual experience, warning us of the dangers of escapism. No one knew that a version of his idea would eventually become a reality. The Metaverse is the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented realities, and the Internet. Many people already spend a lot of time on the Internet, and companies compete there for your attention. Social media will be a huge part of human life in 2021. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube have learned how to attract and keep attention for as long as possible. VR headsets seem to be the next evolution. People already play a bunch of fun and innovative VR games and experiences –– even though the technology is still in its infancy.

A few cryptocurrency-based projects want to build entire worlds where people socialize, play games, make money and pretty much do anything their hearts desire. Projects like Decentraland and The Sandbox have built enormous worlds and full economies. Both aim to relinquish control over the project and hand it over to the users. The Sandbox is not fully decentralized yet, but it has plans to do so in the coming year. Decentraland: Decentraland is an entire virtual world owned and built by its users. MANA is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum and is the native cryptocurrency of the game’s ecosystem. It has a variety of use cases, including as a currency to buy items and land in the game on the marketplace. Decentraland also has a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that makes major decisions about the game and ecosystem as a whole. MANA holders and LANDowners both vote in the DAO.

The Sandbox: The Sandbox is a virtual world like Decentraland but with a greater focus on user creations. The developers released 3D editing software to make building items and games into The Sandbox easy. SAND is also an ERC-20 token and works similarly to MANA, with a few differences. You can purchase items, parcels of land, tickets to virtual events, and more in The Sandbox game. The Sandbox also plans on building a DAO to make decisions for the game, but it hasn’t come to fruition yet.

Star Atlas: Star Atlas will be a stunning virtual reality strategy game set in the future, reminiscent of Second Life. Unlike Decentraland and The Sandbox, the main game is not playable yet. The in-game economy is going to run off of the ATLAS token on Solana. When the game is released, you can earn ATLAS by collecting and selling resources and other items. It will also be used to purchase most items like starships and plots of land. A different token, POLIS, will act as the governance token for the ecosystem.

Bloktopia: Bloktopia will be a cyberpunk-inspired virtual reality game with a complex in-game economy run on the BLOK token. It will take place in a massive digital skyscraper covered in neon lights with 21 floors, paying homage to Bitcoin’s 21-million-max token supply.

Some of SFOR. TRADE’s security features include:

• 2FA authentication

• No Phone/SMS account recovery

• Email with 2FA confirmations for withdrawals with self-serve account lock

• High priority 24/7 live chat and email support for urgent concerns

• Customizable, granular API key permissions with range boundaries

• PGP signed and encrypted email for secure communication

• SSL encryption to protect you when browsing SFOR.TRADE

• Constant real-time activity monitoring

• Zero settlement risk, no chargeback fraud when trading cryptocurrencies

• Sensitive data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit

• 98% of assets securely stored in dedicated multi-signature cold wallets

• Enterprise-level encryption systems when storing all personal and financial data

• Financial stability with full reserves

• High standards of legal compliance


SFOR.TRADE is a cryptocurrency exchange that believes in security above everything and offers an intuitive experience from the start through an easy-to-use trading terminal built for beginners and seasoned traders. We offer order books with top-tier liquidity, allowing users to easily exchange assets with minimal slippage and unprecedented speed in transaction matching. Our top priority is protecting client funds and privacy through the best security in the business.

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